Six shortcuts every Windows 10 user should know

Anyone who has ever used keyboard shortcuts knows how useful and time-saving they are. For those who don’t, just try out a few of the following commands.

One of the handiest shortcuts in Windows 10 is Windows key + A – this opens the Info Center, where you can see all your system and software notifications, emails, tasks and other information.

Windows key + L allows you to switch user or lock your screen, particularly handy for office workers before heading out for lunch.

Alt key + Tab switches between different apps (hold to open and release to switch). This also works on older Windows versions.

Windows key +Ctrl + D creates a new virtual desktop, which is handy for anyone with lots of programs running. You can move between desktops using Windows key + Ctrl + the left/right arrow keys or close one with Windows key + Ctrl + F4.

Windows key + I opens settings.

Windows key + S opens the search box.